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If you are looking for a proactive partner with over a decade of experience in building complex financial products, we can help!

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Custom Software Development

Our specialists are experienced in frontend and backend development of enterprise products of high complexity both from scratch, and taking over existing code bases.

Cloud Infrastructure Consulting

We can help with Cloud migration, security hardening, Infrastructure as Code practices introduction and Kubernetes cluster set-up.

Software Architecture Assesment

If you are in doubt about the technical direction of your project, we can assess code, design and technology selection from different angles, both engineering and investment efficiency.

White Box Security Audit

Don't limit yourself with OWASP check! We provide in-depth code reviews where typical penetration testing falls short. Third-party libraries vulnerabilities, cryptography usage, logical API flaws and other aspects of your software will be assessed during such audit.

PCI DSS Certification

We help our customer to prepare for Level 1 PCI DSS audit, both from procedure and technical infrastructure sides. Certification on a public Cloud is possible and brings significant cost advantages.

Team Augmentation

If your project is in trouble we can add extra developers to that to meet important deadlines or improve code quality.

"A-Heads Consulting is a partner that we are happy to work with. A-Heads expertise is in various backend and frontend technologies - for us it was Java on backend and React Native. Most important for us is timing and quality - which was one of the reasons to outsource particular tasks. We are very satisfied and recommend A-Heads to anyone that has a need for precise and high quality deliverables.​"
Māris Čakste
MeaWallet, Director
"We were looking for a proactive and flexible strategic partner for the new innovative product. After reviewing all the candidates we chose A-Heads for this role. They planned and implemented architecture and infrastructure, supported the development of core functionalities and are leading the PCI DSS certification. After showing great pace in our team, they were hired for other strategic projects within the company."
Eduards Timofeevs
Klix.app, Business Development Manager
"Placeholder for the next customer reference"
John Doe
Satisfied Customer